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Learn marker shading and rendering, sketching with a tablet using Photoshop and much more!
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Here's some of what you'll learn:
  •  The difference between marker brands and how the markers behave.
  •  3 exercises focused on improving your line quality, ellipses and circles
  •  Car sketching with cool grey markers - where to add shading and where to add highlights
  •  Introduction to design sketching in Photoshop with a tablet
  •  Light study by using a cube and a single light source
  •  Introduction to my "Cloud sketching" technique - a more effective way to sketch
  •  Highlighting and create section lines inside of Photoshop
  •  ..and much more!
Video #1: Our Tools & how to Use Them
Video #2: Introduction to Analog Sketching
Video #3: Introduction to Digital Sketching
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