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Builds Confidence

This is definitely hands on. Simple and straightforward. I'm building confidence to try right from the first lesson.

- Scott Tucker

Simple Instructions

Exquisite, simple instruction. De-mystified many of the fundamental concepts which were holding back my progression as a sketcher and designer. Excited to take the next course, Mr. B.

- David Krongel


Beautiful detailed course with a lot of practical knowledge!

- Valentina Egorova
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Would you mind if I share a short story with you?
I remember the day I fell in love with design sketching. It was in the mid 1990s and I was with my dad at the local hardware store. Just as we were about to leave, something caught my eye. Being a car freak from the day I was born, it was a brochure for the brand new Hyundai Sonata.
There she is. The one who started it all for me. Isn't she a beauty?

Now you might ask what's wrong with me. You might think this is one of the ugliest and uninteresting cars you have ever seen. That's ok. But to me, it will always be special.


Well it isn't specifically about the car it self. You see in this brochure I was holding in my hands, they we're talking about all the details of this brand new Sonata. How the seats would comfort you on long drives, the quality of the sound system, how you could barely tell the engine was running since it was so smooth.

It all sounded pretty fantastic.

But it was one little detail that got me hooked. One little part of this car would change the trajectory of my life from that day moving forward. What was it?

The side view mirror.
You see the writers of the brochure had dedicated an entire page to describe the design philosophy behind this side mirror.

They said it had been sculpted to slice through the wind with minimum resistance. They said the designers had created several mockups of this piece of art before deciding on a shape. They said this mirror was the final result of months of research and arguments of what would be the most efficient and aesthetically pleasing form.

The more I read about this seemingly mundane detail, the more beautiful it became to me.

This made me realize there are actually people designing cars and all the products around us for a living!

Since then, not a day has gone by without me picking up the pen do sketch something. Whether it be a muscle car, a cafe racer or a shaving machine, I love to sketch it all.

...and I think you do to!
It was frustrating... I couldn't find anyone to teach me design sketching
The following years, I become obsessed with design sketching. I wanted to learn it NOW. The results were less than satisfying. The progress was slow. Every time I picked up a marker to sketch something, it always turned out looking like a pile of cow dung.

The problem was I had this image in my head of how I wanted it to look, but no matter how hard I tried it never came out right on the paper.

I was accepted to an industrial design program in college. All I did was sketch for 3 years straight. I could care less for 3D modeling or engineering, all I wanted was to be able to make a cool sketch!

Same story when I moved to Italy to study a master degree in car design. My friends were modeling some amazing things in Alias and Rhino but I was too focused on my marker technique to care about any of that.

This story repeats itself throughout my 8 year career as an industrial designer from working in Italy, Switzerland, Sweden and now the U.S.

Design sketching became my specialty after years of hard work.

And that's what I want to share with you.
Welcome to TheSketchMonkey Academy!
 ...the online program that will boost your analog and digital design sketching skills
The Academy consists of 7 modules, each dedicated to one specific topic related to design sketching. Once signed up, you will get instant access to all 7 modules inside the members area.

We decided to create 7 modules as this will help you focus on improving one skill at a time and not get overwhelmed with too much information at the same time.

To see exactly what goes in each module, please scroll down this page for an overview of the program.

Looking forward to seeing you inside the members area!

If you have any questions or something is unclear, please don't hesitate to shoot an email to, always happy to help.
Meet the Instructor
Hi, I'm Marouane and I'm the founder of and TheSketchMonkey Academy. I'm here to give you the tools and information you need to reach your goals in your professional career.

Who are you and what can you do for me, Marouane?

You could say I'm a wannabe surfer and backpacker (34 countries and counting) that loves design and helping others succeed. I have worked as an industrial designer, concept artist and illustrator for over 10 years.

I grew up in Sweden, currently living in the sunshine state of Florida.

My professional design journey began in 2008 designing consumer electronics for companies in Hong Kong and the U.S.

In 2010 I moved to Italy to study a master degree in automotive design in collaboration with the design team from Audi and Lamborghini and I graduated a year later. Since then my designs have been featured online and in numerous magazines such as Auto Motor & Sport, Auto Express, Car Magazine, Top Speed and Car Scoop.

I worked as the lead industrial designer for a private medical company here in Florida for a few years until I decided to quit my job in August of 2016 to focus on teaching design sketching online and have taught over 30.000 successful students worldwide so far.

I'm here to help you improve your design sketching skills through direct personal feedback and coaching.

Connect with me on Facebook, Instagram & YouTube

Cloud Sketching...

...basic sketching, but I really liked the cloud sketches. Gave me something to think about in terms of approach in free-form design. Great job!

- Steven Box

This course is simply incredible!

As well as being of immense use to product designers, all digital artists/designer will find it inspiring. It is so thorough, that it seems to be at least two courses rolled into one. It is in the later part that Marouane's simple line work seems almost magically transformed into whatever product he wants by shading and erasing in photoshop. Marouane Bembli is very talented.

- Alan Gardiner


Excellent! Loved how he was able to create drawings using basic shapes and showed me how to draw quickly.

- Maryanne Hill

A Neat Intro to Digital Sketching

Very enjoyable videos and lots of information to demystify designing using Photoshop - I think that to really get the most out of it, it is worth watching the videos a couple of times at least. It'll be great to go deeper into these methods in the other two courses. Essentially, the course is excellent for consolidating the main tenets of sketching whether online or offline (line, light and shade for example). 

The Photoshop tools used in these tutorials are not advanced, so it's not off-putting for someone who hasn't got a great amount of experience with this software. I found myself skipping back a few seconds to catch a couple of little details but it was okay. I like the quick pace, the explanations and the instructor's enthusiasm for his subject . It is amazing to see how a couple of tricks can achieve so much. Thank you to Marouane for putting it together. See you on the next one.

- Kirsten Hawkins
STEP BY STEP training - digital design sketching using a tablet and analog design sketching with pen, paper and markers
Module 1
Design Sketching Blueprint: The essentials from what tools to use such as pen & paper to drawing & sketching exercises for designers
  •  Learn what tools to use to start design sketching
  •  Draw and sketch using the correct techniques to get smooth results
  •  Practice ellipses using pen and paper
  •  Practice line quality and learn how to get smooth lines
  •  Explore product design sketching using basic geometries
  •  Learn how to sketch almost perfect circles without any templates
  •  Get introduced to transportation design and car design sketching 
  •  Have a better understanding of product proportions
  •  ...and MUCH more...
Module 2
Master design sketching with markers from doodles to complete renders with the help of an industrial design expert
  •  Choose correct tools to get started with marker sketching
  •  Explore deep reflections using marker layers
  •  Differentiate between sketching glossy and matte surfaces
  •  Learn sketching techniques for a smoother end result
  •  Render complex and organic objects and shapes
  •  Have an understanding of car design sketching in perspective from start to finish
  •  Put soft and hard highlights appropriately 
  •  Add section and parting lines to a design
  •  ...and MUCH more...
Car Designer Analog Side View: Learn the simple tricks to render a car using analog tools even if you haven't sketched a car before
  •  Learn the difference between starting with a pen vs a pencil
  •  How to get the proportions right of the car
  •  Simple techniques for marker rendering with only a few markers
  •  Keep the perspective in mind even if it's a side view
  •  How to easily sketch wheels
  •  How to add highlights and "burn points"
  •  Why adding high contrast values is so important
  •  The final step that will make the sketch look crisp and sharp
  •  ...and MUCH more...
Module 3
Perspective Sketching the Easy Way: From Coffee Cups to Cars
  •  How to easily sketch products and car in perspective
  •  Learn to boost your flow of creativity in any given moment
  •  Learn to sketch a coffee cup using simple geometries
  •  Learn to sketch a car in 3 different perspective views using "Cloud Sketching"
  •  Sketch a vacuum in perspective starting with simple guidelines
  •  Know the difference between "school book perspective sketching" & Cloud Sketching
  •  ...and MUCH more...
Module 4
Design Sketching Essentials 1: Introduction to Sketching, Shading & Texturing with a Tablet
  •  Have a better understanding of digital design sketching in Photoshop
  •  Shade in Photoshop using two different techniques
  •  Learn how to quickly and easily fire up the creative side of the brain!
  •  Add texture to simple surfaces using images of any texture you like
  •  Define what a light source is and how it will guide you in your rendering
  •  Add highlights appropriately whether it's a matte or glossy surface
  •  Transform a texture to fit the cube correctly in perspective
  •  Use the shading of the cube to visualize texture realistically
  •  ...and MUCH more...
Design Sketching Essentials 2: Rendering & Texturing of Round Objects
  •  Render round objects in Photoshop & make them look 3D Shade in Photoshop using two different techniques
  •  Figure out how your light source will guide you in your rendering and sketching
  •  Know what tools to start out with when sketching digitally
  •  Know the simple difference between rendering a shiny surface VS a matte surface
  •  Wrap any texture of your choice around any round object in Photoshop and make it look realistic
  •  Use dark and light shades correctly to visualize shape
  •  Easily create a shadow on the ground and correctly show it in perspective WITHOUT over complicating it
  •  ...and MUCH more...
Module 5
Photoshop Design - How to Sketch Like an Industrial Designer
Photoshop Design is the complete course for learning how to design products in Photoshop. Includes over 4 hours of video training from basic sketching exercises to advanced rendering aimed towards industrial design.
  •  Get a Professional Understanding for Design Sketching
  •  How to Use Photoshop to Present Design Proposals
  •  How to Quickly Improve Your Line Quality
  •  Understand Perspective Easily Using Cloud Sketching
  •  Learn to Quickly Explore Shapes and Designs Using Single Value Blocking
  •  Use This One Trick to Unblock Your Sketchers Block (we all have them some days)
  •  Visualize Light With These Two Layer Modes
  •  ...and MUCH more...
Module 6
Photoshop - Car Design Sketching
Photoshop Car Design - step by step video tutorials how to sketch without advanced Photoshop tools. Results guaranteed!
  •  Create a Professional Level Sketch of a Car In Photoshop
  •  Learn Two Different Techniques on How To Get the Proportions Right Quickly
  •  Use Standard Photoshop Brushes Only To Sculpt & Render a Car as it's Done In the Industry
  •  Control How & Where to Put Highlights - Make the Sketch Come Alive
  •  Learn to Add Cutlines Such As Doors to make the Car Look Realistic
  •  Add This Final Touch to Really Make Your Design Stand Out From the Crowd
  •  Chose Between Two Fast & Effective Coloring Techniques 
  •  ...and MUCH more...
Module 7
Concept Design: Unleash Your Creativity in Photoshop
  •  Go from a blank canvas to having a rendered idea
  •  Learn about the creative process of concept design
  •  Use simple brushes to get awesome results
  •  How to quickly check the perspective and fix it
  •  Adjust as you go, evolve with the sketch and not have everything perfect from the start
  •  Make the sketch crisp and sharp
  •  Visualize light with a few strokes while keeping it looking realistic
  •  Use the correct layer blend mode for the desired light effect
  •  ...and MUCH more...
Here's EVERYTHING you get access to today inside TheSketchMonkey Academy
  •  Design Sketching Blueprint: Discover the core techniques of ID sketching - Value $49
  •  Marker Madness: Master design sketching with markers from doodles to complete renders - Value $99
  •  Car Designer Analog Side View: How to render a car with markers that anyone can learn - Value $29
  •  Perspective Sketching Made Easy: From Coffee Cups to Cars - Value $49
  •  Design Sketching Essentials 1: Introduction to Sketching, Shading & Texturing with a Tablet - Value $29
  •  Design Sketching Essentials 2: Rendering & Texturing of Round Objects - Value $29
  •  Photoshop Design: How to Sketch Like an Industrial Designer - Value $99
  •  Photoshop Car Design: How to sketch without advanced Photoshop tools - Value $39
  •  Concept Design: Unleash Your Creativity in Photoshop - Value $39
  •  The Sketch Vault: Downloadable resources and .psd files updated monthly - Value $197
  •  Private Facebook Group - LIVE Weekly Sketch Sessions - Value $297
  •  TheSketchMonkey Photoshop Brush Set - Value $19
Total Value - $974
We are closing this special offer and the doors to the Academy in:

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

I stand by all my products. I know they've helped 1000s of students over the years but they are not for everyone. If you feel like this product is not for you, I offer a no hassle, risk-free 30 money back guarantee.

Why? Because I want you to be satisfied with my courses. If my content is not valuable to you, I don't want your money, simple as that!

Useful course for ID sketching and rendering.

I personally enjoyed this course. The instructor knows his stuff and he is able to explain himself. His renders and sketches are immaculate, check out his work samples on his website, youtube channel, and Instagram. He also has some inspirational literature to get you motivated and focused towards your dreams, which are included in the course.

For those who are just starting out, the course has the basics from line quality to perfecting ellipses - he explains a useful pre-drawing exercise that he uses and that I have adopted. He also does a little tutorial on digital sketching (wacom tablets and software).

The ‘cloud system’ sketching concept is very interesting – a fast way to sketch in perspective. I would love to see more real-time sketching examples with different types of products (mouse, water bottle, watch, etc.) If you are a beginner, this process might not be suitable for you, since you need a good understanding of perspectives to be able to draw with this technique.

The instructor did a great job at explaining the rendering process. How to add value and shade, understanding light direction and its importance, adding highlights, etc. I specifically appreciate that he incorporated some examples of projects from rough sketches to full renders. Although the videos are sped up, he goes over them with a voice over commentary. This is just my preference, but I personally would want to see sketching videos in real time, there is an extra level of value that gets lost when sketching videos are sped up.

In addition, he has some insightful bonus materials that he has added.

- Jerry Gabrie
I live in Colombia, can I join TheSketchMonkey Academy?
Yes! TheSketchMonkey Academy is 100% online. As long as you have access to the Internet, you can login whenever your want from wherever you want.
How to I get access to the Academy videos?
Once you've purchased the Academy, you will be automatically directed to the members login page where you create your account. You only have to do this once.

Whenever you like to login, simply visit the login page and enter your login information to access all the videos inside the Members Area.
How do the Live sketching sessions work?
Included in TheSketchMonkey Academy is access to our private Facebook group.

You post your sketches and work in there for review from other students and myself. Once a week, I will use Facebook Live to give you feedback on your sketches where you can ask me questions directly. This has proven to be extremely useful for our current students.
What if I want to cancel?
We have a 30 day money back guarantee. Try us out for a full month risk free!

If you feel it's not for you, send us an email at
What is The Sketch Vault?
The Sketch Vault is where you can download sketch training exercises, resources and .psd files to practice at home. For example, the .psd filed will contain all the Photoshop layers so that you can open it up on your computer at home and study the layers and renderings.

The Sketch Vault is included for all Academy members and will be updated continuously with new files.
Do you do 1-on-1 training?
Due to lack of time I'm unable to take on individual students at this moment. However, once your part of TheSketchMonkey Academy, you'll be a part of our weekly Live videos where you can post your work for feedback on your sketches.
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